[ENW14] Propagation Approach for Clustering in Wireless Sensor Network

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : Hybrid Intelligent System, December 2014, pp.5, koweit, (DOI: 2150-7996 )

Mots clés: Wireless sensor networks; clustering algorithm; Energy-efficient; Heterogeneous environment.

Résumé: The clustering algorithm is one of technique used to reduce energy consumption. It can increase the lifetime and the scalability. Energy-efficient protocols should be designed for the characteristic of heterogeneous wireless sensors networks. In PC-LEACH, the cluster-heads are elected by a probability based on the min distance between node and base station. The epochs of being cluster-heads for nodes are different according to their position compared with others nodes and the base station. The key point consideration in this paper, we presents a briefly overview about the techniques of sensor movement followed by description of our scheme based on clustering protocol for wireless sensor networks. We implement and evaluate the performance of our scheme via simulation in diverse network settings and comparatively to related state of the art solutions. Computational results demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed algorithms.

Equipe: mim
Collaboration: Sfax


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