[HHM15] PersonLink: An Ontology Representing Family relationships for the CAPTAIN MEMO Memory Prosthesis

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : ER 2015 (Workshop AHA), October 2015, Vol. 9382 , pp.3-13, Series Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Stockholm, Sweden, (DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-25747-1_1)

Mots clés: Memory Prosthesis, Semantic Web, Ontology, Linked Data, Vocabulary, Multicultural, Multilingual, Interpersonal Relationships

Résumé: In the context of the CAPTAIN MEMO memory prosthesis for elderly, we propose the PersonLink ontology for modeling, storing and reasoning on "family relationships" links. Rules are provided to infer new links and/or check inconsistencies in the inputs. On the one hand PersonLink is as generic as possible and is integrated in the linked data formalisms; on the other hand a prosthesis has to be adaptable to users. Thus the PersonLink ontology de nes rigorously and precisely family relationships, and takes into account the diff erences that may exist between cultures/languages, including new relationships emerging in our societies nowadays. The transition from one culture/language to another one cannot be solved with a simple translation of terms, but refers to a meta-ontology and associated mechanisms.

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