[HHM15a] PersonLink: A Multilingual and Multicultural Ontology Representing Family Relationships

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : KEOD 2015, November 2015, pp.8, Lisbon, Portugal,

Mots clés: Semantic Web, Ontology, Linked Data, Vocabulary, Multicultural, Multilingual, Interpersonal Relationships Linked Data, Semantic Web,Ontology, Multicultural,Multilingual, Interpersonal Relationships

Résumé: Many existing open linked datasets include descriptions of real world persons, with the relationships between them. For some traditional and/or emerging relationships, existing ontologies do not provide the adequate links. This paper represents PersonLink, an ontology that defines rigorously and precisely family relationships, and takes into account the differences that may exist between cultures, including new relationships emerging in our societies nowadays. Moreover, the transition from one culture/language to another one cannot be solved with a simple translation of terms, especially when concepts do not intersect in different languages; thus our solution refers to a multicultural meta-ontology of concepts and associated mechanisms. A validation has been performed on two linked datasets DBpedia and Freebase.

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