[SAC11] Federating Information System Quality Frameworks Using A Common Ontology

Conférence Internationale avec comité de lecture : International Conference on Information Quality, November 2011, pp.160-173, Adelaide, New Zealand,

Mots clés: Quality, ontology, quality ontology, quality attribute, quality metrics, quality improvement, quality measurement.

Résumé: Information system (IS) quality can be characterized as a multidimensional system. It encompasses software quality as well as data quality. It also comprises model quality, service quality, process quality, and more generally IS quality. Modeling several aspects of IS quality leads to specific ontologies. To the best of our knowledge, there is no global ontology dedicated to all the dimensions of an IS. A single ontology federating all the aspects of quality is not available. The aim of this paper is to propose and discuss the main constituents of an ontology of quality federating all the aspects of IS components quality (software, data, models, etc.). In order to operationalize the proposed ontology, we describe an approach allowing us to use the ontology in order to achieve specific quality goals.

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