[ERZ13] Control of nonlinear and LPV systems: interval observer-based framework

Revue Internationale avec comité de lecture : Journal IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, vol. 58(3), pp. 773-778 , 2013

Mots clés: Interval observers; stabilization; robustness; nonlinear systems

Résumé: The problem of output stabilization of a class of nonlinear systems subject to parametric and signal uncertainties is studied. First, an interval observer is designed estimating the set of admissible values for the state. Next, it is proposed to design a control algorithm for the interval observer providing convergence of interval variables to zero, that implies a similar convergence of the state for the original nonlinear system. An application of the proposed technique shows that a robust stabilization can be performed for linear time-varying and Linear-Parameter-Varying (LPV) systems without assumption that the vector of scheduling parameters is available for measurements. Efficiency of the proposed approach is demonstrated through two examples.

Equipe: laetitia
Collaboration: INRIA Lille - Nord Europe


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