[MB10] A Neuro-Fuzzy Model for QoS Based Selection of Web Service

Revue Internationale avec comité de lecture : Journal Journal of Software Engineering and Applications, vol. 3(6), pp. 588-592, 2010
Résumé: The automatic selection and composition of Web services rely strongly on the manner to deal with ambiguity inherent to the description of functionalities of these services and the client’s requests. Quality of Service (QoS) criteria become crucial in Web services selection and the problem of checking that a web service satisfies a given level of QOS is considered in recent research works. This paper presents a QoS based automatic classification method of web services. These services give generally similar functionalities and are offered by different providers. The main feature of our Web service selection model is to take advantage of the neuro-fuzzy logic for coping with the imprecision of QoS constraints values.

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