[SBa12] Vérification Formelle des Processus Workflow Collaboratifs

Conférence Nationale avec comité de lecture : Conférence francophone sur les Systèmes Collaboratifs (SysCo’12), May 2012, pp.197-200,

Mots clés: Model checking, collaborative workflow, SPIN, Linear Temporal Logic, resource constraints.

Résumé: In this paper, we present a method of verification of collaborative workflow processes based on model checking techniques. In particular, we propose to verify soundness properties of these processes using SPIN model checker. First we translate the adopted specification of workflows (i.e. the WF-net) to Promela which is the description language of models to be verified by SPIN. Then we express the soundness properties in Linear Temporal Logic (LTL) and use SPIN to test whether each property is satisfied by the Promela model of the WF-net in question. Finally, we express the properties of k-soundness for WF-nets modeling multiple instances and (k,R)-soundness for workflow processes with multiple instances and sharing resources.

Equipe: sys
Collaboration: ENIT


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